A Beautiful Ride to Carlisle - Visual novel

A lovely story of two girls meeting on the train. Dana’s summer vacation has just started and she’s on her way to volunteer on an organic  farm. But she’s not expecting something wonderful to happen on the train…
  • Soft pretty art drawn by Little Viktoria.
  • Beautiful background music.
  • The game plays up to an hour depending on your reading speed.
  • This is a kinetic novel: a story without branching paths.
  • Light and gentle girl x girl romance.
  • High definition at 1920*1080px.
The visual novel is available for PC / Mac / Linux on Itch.io.

I found this to be an absolutely lovely and charming story, and I hope you will make more visual novels in the future. Your precious art style really emphasizes the gentle and beautiful feeling that the story had.
– Chloe

It was super cute, and I’d love to see more of these characters in your art, stories, or future visual novels!
– Samuel

Actually, I’d buy a 2nd part of this anytime! 🙂
– Thrawn

I would have both Dana and Sharon over for lunch any day. ^_^ We spend only a short time with them, but they are lovely.
– Erica Friedman, Okazu

Listen to some music from the game.