About me

Who is Little Viktoria?

I’m a girlie who likes to draw cute girls in love. I’m hoping to develop my art in the direction where I could make beautiful novels full of gorgeous illustrations. Perhaps manga too, and some lovely posters and artbooks for you.

Your favourite anime?

Ooo, so difficult to pick just a few, but here: Kannazuki no Miko, Flip Flappers, Slow Start, and Nichijou.

The artists/anime/manga that had the greatest influence on your art style?

Satoshi Urushihara – all the the gorgeousness. Johji Manabe – in some strange way. Kannazuki no Miko – the way those pretty faces are drawn in profile. Scrapped Princess – probably has a lot to do with these adorably round jawlines. Megami Paradise – must have had some impact on my anatomy, plus some more lovely round faces. Najica – that sexy anatomy. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha plus another series whose name I’ve forgotten – for those luscious thick eyebrows and the dark borders of the irises. New Game – where everyone occasionally has that sexy flat line for the top of their eyebrows and it looks good on everyone. Shakunetsu no Takkuyy Musume – for more flat eyebrows. Slow Start – for a different adorable way of drawing the eyebrows. Flip Flappers – for those big mesmerizing eyes. Urara Meirochou – for the adorable faces and the bright colours and all the softness.

What a funny list 🙂

I don’t want to solidify my style. It will always be changing and evolving, and it will always be going in many directions at the same time.

What do you struggle with?

I have attention deficit disorder. This is a misguided label for the condition; it is really more like laser-focused attention that can’t be reliably directed. I can easily sit a whole day drawing and forget to eat or go to the toilet, and produce something wonderful. But there is no guarantee that another such day will follow. The very next morning I could be completely unmotivated to pick up the thing that I had just worked on with such passion.

Not a good combination with my other vice, perfectionism…

I didn’t have any idea that I had ADD for most of my life; as soon as I did, I stopped judging myself for it. I can produce many days’ worth of art in one sitting, I just can’t choose when that is going to happen. The days when it doesn’t, I have stopped trying. I will just go walk instead, or cook, or study. And as if by magic, as soon as I started flowing with these swings of attention, my productivity has gone up.

What would you be doing if you didn’t draw your adorable lesbian art?

Some of the boring engineering work that I have an education for.

Is Viktoria your real name?


Are you slavic then?

Half slavic.

From which country?

Secret 🙂

Ты по-русски говоришь?

Очень мало)

What tools do you use?

Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop on a Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 and a Wacom Bamboo pen. I used to draw in Photoshop, but I don’t think I can go back after getting a taste of the smoothness and responsiveness of Clip Studio Paint, the delicious thick colours of its painting engine, the instant horizontal flipping and the adjustable pressure response curves. But I’ll switch to Photoshop for any kind of precision graphic design or typesetting. The Bamboo pen has a much lighter touch than the Microsoft Surface pen.

I want to take up watercolours again.

Do you have an education in art?

Haha, no 🙂

Do you listen to music while you draw?

Sometimes. It’s going to be Irish, Armenian, Persian or Turkish instrumental music, or medieval music, or sometimes very rarely melodic trance…

How tall is Little Viktoria?

Not that tall, obviously 🙂

Since you draw all those feminine girls, are you more of a butch yourself?

No 🙂 I like girls who are like me.

How do I help you create those beautiful novels and manga?

Thank you! Once I have a Patreon page, join me there. And buy my novels and manga when they come out.

Do you take commissions?

Yes! Here is my commission guide and price list.

How can I get in touch with you?

Right here, below this paragraph!

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