How to Drive Your Sister Crazy

Mmm. Now that’s one delicious little sister, or step sister, or whatever she is… (childhood best friend who just grew up using the word sister? That’s a green light for you, sister).

Any girl would begin to doubt herself and her sexuality, being around something like that. I wonder if she’s doing it on purpose? But she looks so innocent. I think your sister should dress you in something much, much more covering and tell you that you can only wear that inside (but that you should wear that inside) ^^

Perhaps sister should finally give her the talk… no, the demonstration of “see, this is how your body works and this is what is going to happen to you if you flaunt your pretty bottom like that”. And then either little sister would be quick to wear more modest clothes from then on… or she would linger around the house in her bikini bottom every day with an expectant blush on her face.

“What?” seems to be becoming a Little Viktoria meme… 🙂

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